MP4835 Factory Second 4-Pack

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9.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Save 30% by ordering factory second.

This includes four factory second MP4835 units and free shipping within the United States.

Sometimes during the manufacturing process we notice small material imperfections. While these imperfections do not negatively affect the function of this product we can't, in good conscience, charge full price when it is not perfect.

Our factory seconds will have slight discoloration or odd markings on the vinyl, broken or imperfect magnets, or haven undergone some type repair to make a functional product. Still functions just as well and is also backed by our lifetime replacement warranty.

Warranty Information

Lifetime replacement warranty. Factory seconds will be replaced with another factory second. If no factory seconds are available the warranty replacement will be a new unit. Contact us at or return damaged product to us at Lodesol 1645 Jills Ct Ste 102, Bellingham, WA 98226 and we will send back a replacement.