Where are the magnet pads made?

Made in USA of USA and imported materials. We manufacture the magnet pads at our location in Bellingham, Washington. We source our materials from U.S. manufactures except for the magnets and the vinyl which are imported to keep prices as reasonable as we can. From setting the magnets to sewing them together, we do it all here in USA.


What does Lodesol mean?

Lodesol is a name created by company founder, Alex, that combines the words lodestone and solution. Lodestones are naturally magnetic rocks that were human’s first interaction with an object with magnetic properties. So the meaning of Lodesol, as Alex sees it, is simply “the first magnetic solution”.


When can I expect my order to ship and arrive?

We ship orders placed by 12:00pm Pacific Time same day Monday through Friday. Most of our orders are shipped with USPS Priority as it gives us the fastest option of getting the product to you, should arrive in 1-4 days. We also use UPS and FedEx depending on size and weight of the order. If you have a carrier preference then leave a comment on the order and we will use your preferred carrier.


Do you ship international?

We ship to most countries worldwide. We use DHL, FedEx, or USPS, for international shipments. Buyer is responsible for any and all import and customs fees and taxes placed by your country on the order.


What kind of magnets do you use?

We use ferrite magnets that we have manufactured for us for this application. These magnets provide enough holding force to keep your tools in place but won't have you fighting it to get them off. They have a high resistance to heat so if you use them in a hot engine bay the magnets will not lose their holding power the way neodymium magnets will.


Can you make custom sizes?

Yes. Because we manufacture these at our own location we are able to make custom sizes. In most cases we are able to design and make your custom size in about a week from first contact. Contact sales@lodesol.com with your desired measurement and quantity and we will get back to you within a couple days with a price quote.


Do you sell on Amazon?

Of course. Order our most popular model on Amazon by clicking here. 


I operate an independent tool truck, can I sell Lodesol products?

Absolutely. If you are operating your own tool truck or store and would like to carry any of our products, feel free to contact us at sales@lodesol.com. We offer low minimums so you can order product as you need it to stay stocked or just to test to see how well they sell.


Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a lifetime replacement warranty. Products should not be made to be disposable so we manufacture these magnet pads to be long lasting so you only need to buy it once. If it does come apart in any way we will replace it. There is no need to register your order to utilize the warranty, if you find a broken one in the junk yard we will replace that one too. Contact us at warranty@lodesol.com or just mail us your broken unit and we will mail you back a new one.


Can it withstand chemicals and heat?

Our magnets pads are made to withstand the chemicals commonly found in vehicles and shops. The temperature they are capable of reaching is approximately 250F/120C before the vinyl will start to melt. If any damage does occur from chemicals or heat that makes the product unusable let us know so we can replace it under warranty.


How do you clean it?

In most situations a damp rag is enough to wipe clean the surface. If you have oil or brake fluid on it a little mix of degreaser and water is enough to get it clean. For metal shavings it is best to lightly brush them to the edge of a corner magnet and then simply lifting off the shavings.


None of these answer my questions, what do I do?

You can either fill out the contact form on the 'Contact us' page or call the shop at 425-332-6565. Lodesol owner, Alex, answers the phone and responds to emails so you will reach the best person to answer your questions whether its about our products or you car problems.